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Create RedLaser Custom App in 60 Seconds!

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We’ve been getting a lot of requests that look like this:

I love RedLaser, but can you please add my favorite site X to your search results?

Can you send the barcode I scanned to site X for logging?

We thought this might happen, so we embedded a feature in RedLaser 2.2 that lets you search any website by barcode. But until now, we haven’t announced the feature.

RedLaser Custom Apps is now live! After you’ve installed RedLaser, check out this page: (best viewed on an iPhone).

Test Test Test

Try building an app by following the instructions and let us know what you think. We’d also love some suggestions for other sites to add to our “popular” custom apps list.

We’re excited to see what RedLaser Custom Apps get built and used!

By the way if you like RedLaser, we also launched two other iPhone application last week -FoodScanner (partnership with DailyBurn), and Snapture (partnership with SnaptureLabs). All three of these apps are doing well – they’re all in the top 100 paid apps on the App Store and RedLaser is at #2!

******* EDIT *************

We just added the option to convert scanned barcodes to UPC if the site you are searching only supports UPC format.  On the RedLaser Custom Apps page, when building an app, simply check the “Convert to UPC” box, and the app you create will convert to UPC before searching.

Written by vikas

October 1st, 2009 at 4:46 pm

  • Chris

    That you built a roll-your-own app site is super smart. I banged one out to search my local library for books I see while out at the bookstore. Kudos!

  • Pedro Tejeda

    I just juryrigged one for LibraryThing that automatically adds the book to my library. However, I have to close the app and reopen it to scan the next book. Is there a way to get back to the scanning window without doing that?

    • Jeffrey Powers

      There's not currently a way, but we'll take this as a feature request for our next update!

  • Mike

    I would like to populate fields in a database (such as Bento) with the UPC number and/or item title. Is this possible?

  • Kacey

    Any way to create a master grocery or pantry list, utilizing the RedLaser application? I would love to be able to scan an item at the store and know the qty on hand at home in the pantry.

    Is there a way to have this inventory available?

  • ED G

    I am trying to create a custom app to search our library catalog. Having trouble determining which is the Parm field. The URL is I would be searching the ISBN number for the book. also how do you install a custom icon? Any help would be appreciated!

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  • CGH

    I've got it working with Paperback Swap and would love love love the ability to scan and search multiple books without having to re-launch the app between books. That would save a LOT of time!

  • Yolande Lindenberger

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  • Help Me

    Anyone sucessful building an app for this site:

    Seems rather simple, but I can't get it to work..

  • simdgee

    1. can i get back into my custom app to edit it (rather than delete and start again)?
    2. is there a away i can send my custom app to a someone else to try it

  • caiman

    This used to be the nicest feature of Red Laser. It worked great, and many people have invested time in apps using this scheme.
    But it seems the feature has been silently turned off. Not a single note to the users. Nada. Very unprofessional indeed. The guess is that it's due to the acquisition of occipital by ebay. Just a guess. Still lame.

    • duncanbbd

      I also used RedLaser to scan and go to my web page
      however, since my Iphone crashed I was looking to reinstall. and I am unable to find out any information to it. seems to reditect to

      so there is a bug on the scripts.
      I see ebay have taken it over so I hope they have not removed this feature.

  • Otto

    Does this even work anymore? Now your links just lead to broken redirect loops.

    • oubiwann

      Yeah, I'm getting the same problem… redirect loops and general brokenness of all links :-( This looked so promising for LibraryThing…

  • Men's Health

    Fascinating if I can actually scan websites by barcode.

  • brian

    I had an email from them and the feature isn't working at the moment.

    I had it on my Iphone and it worked a treat. hoepfully they get it back working again.

  • Hanna Grace Connor

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  • Jeffrey Powers

    Unfortunately not, we're waiting until we can run native code on the blackberry because Java is too slow to handle RedLaser's algorithm.