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Take the day off?

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Subtitled: To the slackers go the spoils

One of last years’ TechStars was in Sidney’s today, and he callously remarked that the companies who took the day before investor day off last year were the ones who raised money.  It made me think a little, but it makes perfect sense.  If you’re serious about making sure something goes well, you’ll be ready in advance.  You won’t end up needing that extra day if you’ve planned appropriately.

But this is definitely not a brag post.  We won’t be drinking margaritas on the rooftops.  We will be squeezing all we can out of that last day — which, by the way, started just over an hour ago.

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August 19th, 2008 at 1:16 am

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    Look at your schedule. Don't take your day off when the plumber is scheduled or you have a major project due. Waiting for repairs is not taking a day off. And the stress of worrying about finishing a project isn't conducive to enjoying a day off.
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